Crying Place, Joy Bonner, Javier PachecO

by Fritz RMB

Reconsider, Lindsey Buckingham (1968)

by Fritz RMB

Existentialist, Benny Pacheco

by Fritz RMB

Wondering Why, Stevie Nicks (1968)

by Fritz RMB


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The Fritz Rabyne Memorial Band

This is a musical journey bringing together old and new recordings of the Fritz Rabyne Memorial Band, or Fritz, as once commonly known.

Javier B. Pacheco (Composer/Arranger) Project Director/ Producer is one of the founding members, with Robert Jensen (co-Producer/Engineer), including live and studio recordings of Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, Bob Aguirre, Brian Kane, and Javier B. Pacheco.

Fritz rmb Vol. 1 SONGS

  1. Crying Place -Joy Bonner & Javier Pacheco
  2. Reconsider- Lindsey Buckingham (1968)
  3. Passing Phases- Sofia & Daniel Rosas
  4. Time Ago-Lindsey B, Stevie N & Javier P (1971)
  5. The Power- Joy Bonner & Iris Merle
  6. Eulogy- Lindsey Buckingham & Stevie Nicks (1968)
  7. Existentialist- Benny Pacheco
  8. Wondering Why- Stevie Nicks (1968)
  9. Empty Shell- Mars Rising
  10. Good Old Fritz- Lindsey B, Stevie N, Javier P (1968)
  11. A Dream Away- Joy Bonner
  12. Good Old Fritz Jam (Instrumental)            

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