Yellow (Fritz Rmb- Javier Pacheco, Sofia Rojas & Daniel Rojas)

by Fritz RMB

Take Advantage of Me (Fritz Rmb- Stevie Nicks)

by Fritz RMB

Sharpy (Fritz Rmb-sofia Rojas, Daniel rojas & Javier Pacheco)

by Fritz RMB

Take my hand (Fritz Rmb-Lindsey Buckingham)

by Fritz RMB

product of the times (fritz rmb- Joy Bonner)

by Fritz RMB

Louisa Joy (Fritz RMB- Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks & Javier Pacheco)

by Fritz RMB


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Fritz RMB

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Fritz RMB Vol. 1

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The Fritz Rabyne Memorial Band (Fritz RMB)

This is a musical journey bringing together old and new recordings of the Fritz Rabyne Memorial Band, or Fritz, as once commonly known.

“It is my pleasure to introduce this second volume of the Fritz Babyne Memorial Band, released by C.D. Baby on streaming services in early February 14, 2023. Vol II welcomes Brian Kane and Robert Aguirre, the two original members of Fritz (on guitar and drums, respectively) as well as the reprise of talented singers, Joy Bonner, and Sofia and Daniel Rojas. The recording was initiated through scratch tracks by Brian Kane and myself. Brian has studied recording techniques and editing over the years and has blossomed into a professional in various digital applications, such as Logic Pro, Ableton, and Pro Tools. The final mastering was done by Jessica Thompson, a much sought-after professional recording engineer, and distinguished Bay Area college instructor. We couldn’t be happier with this project’s content and final outcomes. All of the music and lyrics were written by me, with the exception of Take My Hand (Brian Kane).”

 Javier B. Pacheco

February 5, 2023


Fritz RMB Vol. 1  SONGS

  1. Crying Place -Joy Bonner & Javier Pacheco
  2. Reconsider- Lindsey Buckingham (1968)
  3. Passing Phases- Sofia & Daniel Rosas
  4. Time Ago-Lindsey B, Stevie N & Javier P (1971)
  5. The Power- Joy Bonner & Iris Merle
  6. Eulogy- Lindsey Buckingham & Stevie Nicks (1968)
  7. Existentialist- Benny Pacheco
  8. Wondering Why- Stevie Nicks (1968)
  9. Empty Shell- Mars Rising
  10. Good Old Fritz- Lindsey B, Stevie N, Javier P (1968)
  11. A Dream Away- Joy Bonner
  12. Good Old Fritz Jam (Instrumental)  

Fritz RMB Vol. 2 SONG

  1. Yellow – Javier Pacheco, Sofia & Daniel Rojas
  2. Take Advantage of Me- Stevie Nicks
  3. Peace 1968- Fritz RMB
  4. Sharpy- Sofia Rojas, Javier Pacheco & Daniel Rojas
  5. Take my Hand- Lindsey Buckingham
  6. I’ve Been Pretending- Javier Pacheco
  7. Product of the Times- Joy Bonner
  8. In the Dawn- Stevie Nicks, Linsey Buckingham & Javier Pacheco
  9. Louisa Joy- Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks & Javier Pacheco
  10. Peace, Pt 2. 2022 (The Rapture)- Instrumental
  11. Peace 2022- Daniel Rojas

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