Fritz, originally named the Fritz Rabyne Memorial Band, was the first rock band and music school for fellow cohorts Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham. The origins of Fritz began when Bob Aguirre, the drummer of The Castiles, invited Javier Pacheco to play with the band for a high school talent assembly alongside Cal Roper (bass), Lindsey Buckingham (guitar), and Jody Moreing (vocals & guitar).

Javier proposed that they call themselves “The Fritz Rabyne Memorial Band,” but the name was shortened to “Fritz Rabyne,” ultimately becoming just “Fritz.” The response to the newly named band was huge. Jody, Lindsey, and Javier could perform flawless three-part harmonies, and it was as if they had been playing together for years.

By summer of 1967 Jody moved East to attend college, and Bob, Lindsey, and Javier, were on the lookout for a new female singer. They attended College of San Mateo (CSM) where Bob had made a friend named Bob Fogel, who told him about a female singer he knew named Stevie Nicks. Stevie had graduated from Menlo-Atherton “Class of ‘66” and was in her second year at CSM. Stevie had never been in a band, had never played anything other than country music on an acoustic guitar. But on stage, she quickly learned to fit right in. Soon after, Fogel introduced Brian Kane, a guitarist to Fritz, and  they invited him to play, or “audition,” at one of their rehearsals at Lindsey’s house. The five of them began to perform Top-40 covers. They would later come into contact with Fred, an engineer, and Hank Dominic, a producer at Action Recorders in San Mateo to record them and helped them produce a ten-inch acetate record “Demo”. This was the first of four very important recordings of the Fritz Rabyne Memorial Band. The material recorded represents the first phase of this group’s three-and-a-half-year trajectory.

The rest is history..and continues making history!

Fritz RMB